Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tom Brokaw sucks badly

I refrained from making any snap judgments when Brokaw was named Timmay's temporary successor. But having seen a few of his interviews now, I'm pretty sure he's awful.

He's just doing a terrible job with Gore. It's not even that he's just trying to adopt the wingnut attacks ("His house is big", "He thinks he's so awesome" etc.), it's that he's not even really doing it well enough to dictate the terms of the interview. So we're just getting Al laying his renewable energy game down. It's fine by me, I'm on board, but who's this guy who keeps interrupting him with stupid questions?

Whew. It's over. Brokaw's final gambit was to hold up the Terrorist Obamas New Yorker cover and ask "Whaddya think of this?" Pathetic.

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