Friday, July 18, 2008

Motorola accuses Apple of espionage?

That's what is reporting, anyway. They're pretty unreliable (and, I might add, Drudge-esque in their editorial decisions), but that would be quite a story.

The first question that jumps out is "Why?" That'd be like Tiger Woods going to some podunk driving range looking for swing tips. Motorola already tried stealing ideas from Motorola. It was called the RAZR 2, and no one wanted it.


reader_iam said...

10 points for provocative. With bonus points added for lack of excerpt, 13 points for coy. Points for actual information-sharing? -0-

All that renders your second graf--while amusing, and, for sure very clever indeed with regard to a particular reference--utterly irrelevant.

Damnit, Doyle. You're SO much better than this.

Doyle said...

Thanks for the feedback, Reader, but the reason there's no excerpt or more in-depth information is that Briefing just reports in headlines. No links or anything, and a lot of times it's just "chatter."