Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Brett Favre needs to go away

This is one of two days in the year where there are no major professional sporting events taking place (the other being the day before the All Star Game; it's a good trivia question), so I'm sympathetic to ESPN's need to fill the hours.

But I can't think of anything less enjoyable to watch than Brett Favre having a heart-to-heart with Fox's Greta Van Susteren (or any interviewer) about his future plans and his relationship with the Packers organization.

GVS: Have they offered to have you join the team as a backup?
BF: Yes
GVS: Would that be unacceptable to you?
BF: I think probably, yes.
Me: Who could possibly give a rat's ass?

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Anonymous said...

This response is coming from a life long ,die hard packer fan, and huge Brett Favre fan. With that said, Brett- time to give it a rest, You retired because you said you had nothing else to give. Me and many other fans got choked up watching the press conferance and enjoyed going back and remembering all the great things you gave us. Now it is all being soured. Stand by your word- you retired, Now stay retired. If this continues his legacy will be lost in a shadow of going out as a whiney little baby. Give it a rest so you and all of us packer fans can retain the great memories you gave us. Ken from Waukesha, wi