Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Dick Vitale loves the Rays

Watching Boston-Tampa Bay, because the Mets are being rain delayed, and it turns out Dick Vitale is an incredibly knowledgeable Rays fan. He was going on and on during his in-seat interview with Erin Andrews about how they should have brought up Longoria last year, and how they could have had Josh Hamilton, too. I guess it shouldn't surprise me that a guy with an encyclopedic knowledge of basketball would be at least conversant in his favorite baseball team's minor league system, but I didn't even know he followed the sport.

The detail that tells me he really cares: he knew when Rocco Baldelli was expected to return. I care so little I've already forgotten in the time it took me to write this. Don't they have B.J. Upton manning center field rather ably?

Anyway Dick Vitale knows the deal, but he wasn't able to elaborate because he had to tell Andrews that she was "a 15" on the proverbial 1-10 scale.

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