Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Obama's flair

So Obama's decided to start wearing a flag lapel pin. Not crazy about it. He made a point of explaining why he didn't wear one anymore and I was very pleased at the time. Clearly a net negative politically, but consistent with my belief that the flag pins started getting creepy and/or obnoxious in 2003 at the latest. But now he's going to put all that "true patriotism" stuff behind him and do what has to be done to assure the good people of Pennsylvania that he's not a terrorist.

Is it really that bad? Probably not, but it's not as though his campaign is in dire straits. He didn't have to cave, but he did anyway. It's probably not even worth it politically. It makes him look phony, which is something he can ill afford. Plus, should he win, what would he cave on if he were under really significant pressure?