Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Okay I'm convinced

Having read Dylan Matthews' case against Tim Kaine, I've downgraded my outlook on his possible selection as running mate from unexcited to somewhat nauseous:

[In addition to his horrendous record on women's and gay rights] Even Kaine's Iraq position is questionable. While he was not in Congress in 2002, and thus not on the record about the war, he went out of his way during gubernatorial run to say that it would send "a horrible message" to "cut and run", and used his inaugural address to compare the war in Iraq to the American revolution, saying that Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson "stood here at a time, just as today, when Virginians serving freedom's cause sacrificed their lives so that democracy could prevail over tyranny."

Using the phrase "cut and run" even once does it for me. It may make sense politically to have him on the ticket, and Team Obama clearly knows what it's doing, but I don't see why we should have to have anyone who ever said anything that stupid one heartbeat from the presidency. Also, his State of the Union response ("There's a better way!") was terrible... almost but not quite as bad as the one delivered by fellow short-lister Kathleen Sebelius.

A propos of Kaine's SoTU response, Brendan Nyhan (who despite the blurbs he displays on his site is neither invaluable nor indispensable) focuses on another consideration: apparently in addition to having weirdly square hair he also has a crazy left eyebrow.

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