Thursday, November 01, 2007

A Cry in the Wilderness

If anyone reads this, please, tell Omar Minaya not to offer Jorge Posada a five year contract, through his age 41 season, or even a four year contract. I know the Mets can afford to waste money, but I just don't see even his 2008 being so good that it will be worth what will probably be a Javy Lopez-esque decline from his career year. Lopez was actually two years younger when he hit his 49 home runs than Posada was last year, when he (Posada) hit 20 home runs.

Yes, there are nice secondary skills, with doubles power and a keen eye, but damn. You just shouldn't give catchers that old deals for that long at dollars that big (reportedly low teens per).

Unless, of course, you think it will really spike the attendance numbers, but I'm not seeing it.