Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Hillary or Bust

I'll admit to a weird fascination with Hillary dead-enders, which was stoked by this NYT piece on a handful of them supposedly having their Blogger access denied by Google, in (no kidding) a conspiracy to defend Barack Obama from their criticism.

These are not large blogs. These blogs are like this blog, insofar as it's absurd to think that Google gives a goddamn what they contain.

I, however, was curious so I went to hillaryorbust.blogspot.com. It's good stuff. One post is entitled "I Won't Sleep with Obamabots" Noted!

Another one, "An Alternative View on Iraq," reads:

I was opposed to the war in Iraq. But now that we are there, I think it's wrong to blanket promise that we can pull troops out immediately without creating a worse situation in the region. I think Obama and his supporters are naive to think that we can pull troops out at lightning speed without it backfiring. Here's an interesting take on the subject:
Why Iraqis Back McCain

Yes, that's the WSJ op-ed page she's linking to, as if the title didn't narrow down the possibilities substantially. Her last post at the blogspot URL was on Saturday:

While it appears that my "spam" flag has been removed, I cannot take the chance that it will happen again. I have moved this blog to its own domain name.

No, you wouldn't want to take that chance. Google wants you to think you're not being targeted for your anti-Obama views, but they're all Obamabots, and you won't sleep with them.

The current post at the new digs? "We Have Them Running Scared" Awesome.

h/t the Nutty Professor

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