Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fred Wilpon: "I screwed up"

Uh, yeah. But he doesn't actually apologize for firing Willie at 3:18 am after the first game of a west coast trip (a win). He just "said he should have anticipated how the timing would go over with the media." What a schmuck. I didn't even like Willie Randolph, but having an owner and "CEO" this inept can't be good for the franchise.

In the notes section of that Courant piece is a rumor that the Mets have asked the Rockies about Brian Fuentes and the asking price is Jon Niese. Omar is apparently balking but as I've said before I don't consider Niese a real blue chip prospect, and after watching Tuesday night's debacle a consistent, high K:BB reliever would really hit the spot. If he's going to gear up for a playoff run, I think it makes sense. Of course I'm not sure how good a bet the Mets are to make the playoffs, but they are tied for the division lead!

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