Friday, July 04, 2008

Response to reader_iam

At her visually pleasing blog, reader_iam responds to my post on Obama's Iraq statement yesterday, in which I note that Obama "would be able to do whatever he wanted with the troops as president":

"How interesting an observation and acceptance is that, from someone ostensibly so opposed—
conceptually and on principle—to any such easy insouciance with regard to the powers of the presidency? One has to wonder if the blogger is so focused on reassuring some that it's the intentions and goals which matter that he's failed to notice the concession. Which makes him different from those he eschews (for careless assumption of an entitlement to power and a smug 'tude toward implementation) and any more worthy of planting his flag on high ground—how, exactly?"

To respond with my characteristic "insouciance": That's Article II for ya! I'm not conceding anything I disagreed with before. I've never argued that Bush is acting outside his power by keeping troops in Iraq indefinitely. It's his assertion that his Article II power authorizes him to violate statutory laws (like FISA) if he deems it necessary for national security, his use of torture, his signing statements that purport to reserve his "right" to break the laws he's signing, and the general lawlessness of his administration that I object to. His Iraq policy per se is awful but not unconstitutional.

I don't have a "smug 'tude" towards implementation. I want our troops withdrawn from Iraq. I didn't think Bush should have invaded, etc. My point was that, unlike on legislative and legal matters, the president doesn't need Congressional approval (or approval from the generals, who answer to him) to withdraw troops, so Obama can make gestures in the direction of being more inclined to leave them there than he really is.

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reader_iam said...

Fair enough, Doyle.

"Visually pleasing"? LOL. Well, at least it's got that going for it. A blogfriend early on asked if it was supposed to look like an iPhone. (I myself hadn't thought of that, until then.) I'd really like to change that template, as it happens, to one which actually displays datestamps and poster, but for some reason I can't do that anymore. Similarly, the comments workaround (comments aren't native at Tumblr) I implemented just broke on random day, who knows why, and I couldn't get the feature reinstated. (Well, at least not easily enough.)

Oh, well, I don't really consider it a "blog," anyway, since that's not what I mostly do with it (see what happens when I DO actually write something? Heh.) I mostly use it just to, well, skim.

(Get it? reader_iam ... simply skimming ... it's supposed to be a joke, on reader_iam, just as reader_iam itself was originally, in part, poking fun at the real person behind the handle.)

Happy Fourth of July!