Monday, July 28, 2008

iPhone broken already

It worked for about four hours, and then it started telling me that there was no SIM card installed, which clearly there was or it wouldn't have worked during those few precious hours of total functionality. It just wasn't all that durable, I guess.

Fortunately in the apartment it can connect to my home network and use the Apps store (I got Bloomberg, which is very nice looking, and Yelp both free). It took my mind off the beating the Mets took from the Marlins. Hopefully there's nothing too wrong with John Maine. If he was pissed at the coaching staff, that's a good sign. It's just too bad the bullpen turned in another wretched performance after getting the night off entirely. Scott Schoenweis must have thrown some good innings for his ERA to still be about 3.00, but I can't remember ever seeing one.

Not much new in the horserace, if you ignore the national poll showing McCain ahead and the "short short list" story on Tim Kaine, which I'm doing because I find them terrifying and unexciting, respectively.

Tomorrow after another trip to the AT&T store maybe the Jesus Phone will round out its feature set by actually making and receiving calls.


KPD said...

So, how's the phone? Working?

Doyle said...

Yes indeed it is, finally. They replaced the sim card (which is about the size of a postage stamp and looks about as flimsy) and it worked fine after that.

Now the next step is answering calls when the headphones are in it. Trying to distinguish R and L earbuds while the phone keeps ringing is surprisingly stressful. But it's worth it for handsfree calling. And the rest of the features are pretty cool too, esp. the GPS/maps combo.