Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Mirengoff does polling

Paul at Power Line has a post up entitled "A Corrupt Bargain?"

Over at AOL, our question for the day is: What do you think of Barack Obama's private promise to end strict federal oversight of the Teamsters Union? So far, 75 percent believe it's "a corrupt bargain." Only 13 percent are unconcerned. You can vote here.

So I clicked and it turns out these are self-generated polls. AOL just provides the platform and bloggers can poll whatever questions they want. The three options Paul gives the reader are: A) It's a corrupt bargain; B) I don't like it, but that's politics; and C) It's of no concern.

Voters simply don't have the option of responding positively to it. That's not to say I would, even if I were to look into the issue on Paul's say-so, which I won't, but it's funny nonetheless. Almost as funny as the question mark at the end of his post title, as if he's surprised that so many people would use such strong words to condemn Barack Obama. Who knew the rage ran so deep?

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