Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Scott McClellan spits hot fire on Canadian radio

MCCLELLAN: Certainly you can't discount the large oil reserves inside Iraq and how much that plays into our national security interests and I don't think you can discount how much that plays into the vice president's thinking.

BROWN: Or his portfolio for that matter.

MCCLELLAN: Or his portfolio for that matter, absolutely with that being a former chief executive officer for Halliburton and that certainly played heavily into his thinking more so I think than the idea of transforming the Middle East into a beacon of democracy.

I was under the impression that while McClellan's book certainly had its strongly worded criticisms, it was mostly a sort of namby pamby critique of the Bush administration's "permanent campaign culture" or whatever. This is pure, uncut blood-for-oil speculation. I'm an angry blogger and even I'm reluctant to argue that personal financial gain "played heavily into" their thinking. And this is Bush's not so long ago press secretary? That's some good apostasy.

via ThinkProgress

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