Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Where's my damn text message?

I was led to believe that Obama's VP announcement was imminent. "As soon as Wednesday morning," they said. Well now it's Wednesday morning and I still have to spend another day wondering if it's really going to be the Iraq War superfan from Indiana.

Actually, there was what Marc Ambinder called an "oppo hit" on Bayh reported by Bloomberg, related to his wife's seven corporate board memberships, so maybe we're in the clear even though "100,000 Strong Against Evan Bayh" Facebook group is actually only about 4,000 strong. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth or anything, but Mrs. Bayh's board memberships shouldn't be that damaging to his prospects. The fact that she is even capable of serving on seven of them is proof enough that they don't do anything, and the directors get their $80-$100k/year stipend whether or not any federal legislation goes the company's way. But her husband sucks, in any case.

Plus it looks like Biden is out, as he told the press assembled outside his house that they could disperse because "I'm not the guy."

I hate to say it but at this point of the >5% Intrade possibilities I think I'm pulling for Kerry.

"Edna" mentions Gore in comments. I had excluded him just because I'm skeptical that he'd actually want to do it, but Intrade actually has him about twice as likely as Kerry. I would indeed prefer the big fella.


Edna said...


KPD said...

Mayeb it's your iPhone's fault.

Doyle said...

Boy I hope not :-)

edna said...

Re: your blog update that references my comment that consisted of one word (Gore) and about a zillion exclamation points: I really hope it will be Gore. America and the world desperately need his vision, intelligence, experience, knowledge and leadership, particularly on energy/climate change. If we were to implement his admittedly-bold-yet-eminently-doable 10-year plan to upgrade our energy grid to a "smart grid" and switch to 100% renewable, sustainable solar and wind, it would accomplish SO many important things simuntaneously, and would truly be the change I can believe in! It would right our economy, restore our role as an imaginative technology leader in the world, break our addiction to foreign oil, thus going a long way towards improving our national security, improve our air quality, and, last but by no means least, make a significant contribution towards turning around global climate change. Gore would not only be an amazing leader and change agent on energy/global climate change, but he would be a valuable asset to Obama in so many other capacities, too, with all the experience and knowledge he brings to the table. We need Gore!