Monday, August 25, 2008

Fired up! Ready to go!

"Democrats Try to Heal Bruises as Convention Kicks Off"

Nice headline from the Times. If this is Obama boosterism I want my money back. But the Shadow of Hillary story is just getting so much run, it just has to be the main angle for any news outlet that wants to be relevant.

Plus, there is something morbidly fascinating about the angry Clinton primary voter who just hates Barack Obama's guts and wants to see John McCain beat him senseless in the general. My sense is that this has more to do with his being the guy who beat Hillary than anything they would have objected to otherwise. It's just so stupid and petty, plus disadvantageous to my preferred candidate, that the numbers suggesting there may be hundreds of thousands of these voters are pretty depressing.

Still, there can't possibly be enough of them for it to matter. Most people who vote in Democratic primaries, and I don't know why Hillary voters would be any different, have some idea of why they prefer Democrats to Republicans and therefore don't represent a game-changing pickup opportunity for John McCain... I'm just going to keep telling myself that anyway.

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Anonymous said...

This one wasn't particularly positive either. What does a loyal reader have to do to feel a little love and enthusiasm? An interesting angle is one thing, but I would think it might be important to cover the main story first, sans qualifiers.

Democrats Take Stage, and the G.O.P. Crowds On

Published: August 25, 2008
DENVER — In a modern production studio about a mile from where the Democrats were opening their convention here Monday, a SWAT team of Republican operatives dispatched to crash Senator Barack Obama’s party was reveling in its accomplishments.