Thursday, August 07, 2008

Let it never be said that the state of Ohio is taking the threat of pandemic flu lightly. They're running a TV ad during Reds games that pretty much says we're all gonna die and you should learn more about it at this website. Well I was intrigued.

About This Site:

Experts believe a worldwide outbreak, or pandemic, of influenza will happen someday.


The exact timing is not known, but it is certain our everyday lives will drastically change during a pandemic.

What may these changes include?

These changes may include temporary closing of schools or cancellation of events, disruption of normal services such as utilities and some shortages.

What can I do?

There are things you can do now to prepare.

I'm listening.

This Web site is designed to help prepare and protect the health of Ohioans.

Just Ohioans?

Here's the ad itself, via Norb, of the GQ banner:

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Doug Bewley said...

I just went to the web site and I am not much smarter than I was before the visit.
What a waste of money. But then it is the government that is doing this. And what they do best is waste our money.