Monday, August 11, 2008

Mets lose to Pirates in excruciating fashion

Eric Simon's response to this loss is that the Mets should "just blow up the bullpen" and I think he may be onto something.

Aaron Heilman got one strikeout, and then decided it was time to take the ninth inning in more of a "walks and base hits" direction, and turned the one run lead into a three run deficit. Maybe he really is a headcase. I don't know. He's pitched effectively for weeks at a time. He can strike guys out with his changeup. Back when I was there was some lobbying (which I agreed with) to put him in the rotation, a lot of people made the argument that he's "too good in the bullpen" to be used as a starter. By that logic, he must be looking pretty tempting as a starter now.

Nights like tonight make me wonder why Omar saw fit to send Heath Bell to San Diego for Ben Johnson, the baseball equivalent of a half-eaten turkey sandwich.

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