Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Bill Clinton is very angry

I'm afraid Bill Clinton has gone round the bend. The intensity level of his interview with ABC News is off the meter. When he talks about Jim Clyburn it looks like his eyes are on fire. He even threw in a Freudian slip for good measure: "He was never my... never a Hillary supporter."

It pisses me off that he managed to keep his statesmanlike reserve during pretty much the entire Bush administration, and is now flipping out just because Team Clinton couldn't nail down a third presidential term and he lost a little face in the process. Cry me a fucking river.

Or better yet, whine loudly about it and threaten to withhold your enthusiastic support for your party's duly nominated candidate! That'll show them how devoid of hubris Bill Clinton is, and it'll help convince black people that you've been their staunch political ally at the same time!

This is a long video, but you can skip to pretty much any point at which Bill is speaking and feel really sorry for the woman interviewing him.

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