Saturday, May 28, 2005

Pedro fans 10


vin-tage, adj.
1. Of or relating to a vintage.
2. Characterized by excellence, maturity, and enduring appeal; classic.

Yeah, the second one. That was vintage Pedro.

Were it not for Omar Minaya's willingness to go where Theo Epstein dared not tread (i.e. into the 2008 balance sheet), Mets fans everywhere would have spent this morning reading about Brian Moehler's mastery of their shorthanded lineup.

Instead, we can bask in the kind of performance that can only be expected from the game's most dominant starting pitchers. 8 innings, 5 hits, 0 walks, 10 strikeouts. Mets win 1-0.

Just as the three losses in Atlanta raised serious and not unreasonable doubts about the Mets' legitimacy as a playoff contender, these last two games against the Marlins have at the very least provided an adequate rebuttal.

If they can get split the next two games in Florida, their record for the road trip will be 3-4. Considering the absence of Beltran, that would be at worst a mild disappointment.

Of course, the Marlins will have Willis and Beckett on the hill, but whoever's been wearing Brian Moehler's uniform looks pretty frightening himself.

In the other divisional series, Philly put a savage 12-5 beating on Atlanta today, surely forcing the Schuerholz-Cox-Mazzone collective to think long and hard about the abilities of one Horacio Ramirez.


Critical Bill said...

Mets trail Nats by full game as June opens like a festering sore (Doyle [if that is your real name], please format the above in that cool, many-point headline font you use).

Congratulations, Metropolitans, and fans. You've essentially confounded 40+ years of expansion growth. You trail a de facto expansion team by one game as the season turns into its summer stretch (known in other parts of your fair city as The Part of the Season Jason Giambi Spends in Columbus, OH). You've done for the intended trajectory of baseball expansion teams what Trent Lott did for race relations, what the Challenger did for space travel, and what Capri pants did for human evolution. You've violated the sacred tenet put forth by Manute Bol's mother's endocrinologist: To grow is to thrive!

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