Thursday, May 19, 2005

The cultural crossover is strong in you

Having put the proverbial "whoop" on the NL's answer to the Devil Rays, the Mets have to turn their attention to the AL's answer to the Yankees, which is, of course, the Yankees.

The "Subway Series," which anyone familiar with the NYC subway system will tell you is an unflattering title, promises to be a closer contest (or "series" of contests) than it has been in years past, most notably and disappointingly the WS of Y2K.

Forgoing the seemingly obligatory Evil Empire/Star Wars tie-ins, the powerful force under the control of the mad overlord has not, contrary to rumor, been subdued. And it's possible that the now over-.500 team is not a moon, but in fact a space station... wait.

Victor Zambrano gets the call tomorrow against Kevin Brown, who was once a phenomenal pitcher despite being depressed and angry, but is now mostly depressed and angry. Meanwhile Zambrano, whose personality quirks if he even has any are unknown to me, simply cannot find the strike zone with three Questec operators and a map. Look for runs. Lots of runs.

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