Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Admiral Halsey Torpedoes Mets

With the exception of a brief but distinguished stint covering the Stanford women's golf team, I have little daily newspaper experience, but sometimes I think it would be worth it just for the headline writing. If Jung Bong ever makes it back to the majors, the Atlanta Journal Constitution can expect a copy of my resume.

Despite returning the Mets' record to the .500 mark towards which it seems magnetically drawn, last night's game didn't discourage me as much as it should have. For one thing, it provided further evidence that Mr. Koo isn't, as I had previously thought, a very good pitcher.

It's disappointing that our relatively aged Asian import is not the lefthanded Akinori Otsuka circa 2004, but if he's going to suck, I'd rather he get blown up repeatedly, in the kind of dramatic fashion which alters depth charts and possibly rosters, than simply linger in crucial late inning situations, handing out free passes to the likes of Craig Counsell. What's the ETA on Mr. Ring, do you think?

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