Monday, May 16, 2005


That weekend could have gone better.

Especially hurtful was the rally on Saturday, which put Pedro in line to pick up the win despite giving up more than his share of runs. Okay, that may have only been especially hurtful to my fantasy team, but still, storming back to the lead (on a Matsui triple, no less) only to watch the ageless wonder finally show signs of slippage... well, it's just no fun at all.

Then on Sunday, the Mets helped make Matt Morris look like the Cy Young-caliber starter of yesteryear (i.e. 2001-2002). Well, at least in the box score. Physically, he's sporting a Al Gore-style beard (also worn by National Nick Johnson) which suggests the return from a wilderness period of some sort. It seems to be working wonders for Matty Mo, whose season line is a laudable 36.2 IP, 32/9 K:BB, 2.95 ERA.

The NYT's Lee Jenkins sounds a little bit dire/defeatist about the Mets' still getting their .500 languish on, sounding a lot like the Alan Rickman robot in the Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy. Lest Lee forget, if you look at their results since their first five games, they're five games over .500! Put that in your opium pipe and smoke it, Jenkins!

Like Ben Bradlee, I'm sticking by the boys.


I was proven wrong, dramatically, egregiously wrong, by Tom Glavine's dazzling performance on Friday. Whether it signals the beginning of his return to form remains to be seen, but it goes to show that just because a guy has been truly horrible for weeks, it doesn't mean he can't string together seven shutout innings against the league's best offense (although it should). Maybe he's been getting pointers from Aaron Heilman.

Uncle Salty should really have his own blog. I love his contributions here, and hope he continues to post, but he's like a bird that was never meant to be caged in the "Comments" section of his cousin's Mets rag. His feathers are just too bright. He may need a bit of encouragement though, so sign our petition at and tell him to sing, brother, sing!

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