Friday, May 27, 2005


12 runs, 14 hits, no errors: anatomy of a beat-down.

Cameron doubled twice, Reyes tripled twice, and Wright went 2 for 4 with a couple ribbies. Even Benson helped himself to a 3-1-1-1 line in the box.

My personal favorite play had to be Mientkiewicz's tailor-made grounder to second, which Damion Easley handled with all the deft finesse of a grand mal seizure, booting it into right center and allowing two runs to score.

On the hill, Benson looked good, except for the bottom of the 4th which saw the Marlins tie the game on an Alex Gonzalez single. That had me yelling unkind things at the television, but all was soon forgiven as the Amazins rallied for 3, 4 and 2 runs over the next three innings.

The gold star for pitching, however, has to go to Heath Bell, who struck out 5 and allowed two measly singles in his 2 innings of work. This is the stuff that Closers are made of.

At the same time the win is made sweeter for emphatically ending a four-game slide, we should keep in mind that if our boys can't beat the Marlins when they're throwing Frank Castillo, then all is truly lost.

The 36 year-old Castillo, who was last seen losing 15 games for the Boston Red Sox (which takes a certain kind of ineptitude) in 2002, was "filling in" for A.J. Burnett... at least to the extent that he stood on the mound and threw baseballs towards home plate. He should be back in Albuquerque with all due speed.

After Castillo was pulled, the Fish managed to pour a little gasoline on the fire in the person of Yorman "The Amazing" Bazardo, who is not yet actually amazing (5 runs in 1.2 IP), but is only 20, so time will tell.


Eddie Lomax said...

It's been a rough week at Straight Flushing, what with the glut of cocaine jokes not quite belying a wavering analytical knack, the obligatory bashing of Frank Castillo (Is this 2001? Can someone please turn down "Drops of Jupiter"?), and, for sure, a flat-out bizarre appearance on "Imus in the Morning" by Omar Minaya on Tuesday. Dios mio, man.

Nevertheless, cocaine jokes notwithstanding, it doesn't really get a lot lower than, under an assumed name ("Doyle" ... please), violating attorney-client privilege. Whichever "power company conglomerate that needs me to help manage its bankruptcy closing" is really getting its money’s worth! We haven't seen white-shoe law firm subordination like this since Mitch McDeere turned state’s evidence and helped the Morolto brothers duck the feds.

Doyle said...

Look Eddie (if that's your real name, and not another "Firm" reference),

Are you really going to bat for Frank Castillo? Is that your horse? Just because the guy briefly wore a uni with red numbers and no name on the back? There's a fine line between loyalty and blindness.

As for violating privilege, I didn't name names, and besides, bankruptcy proceedings are public record.

Finally, I'll turn down "Drops of Jupiter" when I'm goddamn good and ready!

Now if you'll excuse me, my white shoes (New Balance) need polishing.

Remember, I'm a blogger first and a cousin second.

- Crazy Spear

P.S. Thanks so much for Pedro.