Monday, May 23, 2005

Pet Peeve

Why do so many writers, broadcasters and commentators persist in mentioning Jose Reyes and David Wright in the same sentence? As far as I'm concerned they have the following traits in common:

1. They are both very young (21 and 22, respectively) and
2. They are both homegrown prospects who play below-average-to-awful defense on the left side of the Mets infield.

As for the differences, one in particular springs to mind: Wright is an excellent hitter.

His .913 OPS ranks fifth among major league third basemen, and fourth on the senior circuit (behind Laaarrry, Ensberg and Glaus). He's demonstrated plate discipline, gap and home run power, and his BABIP numbers give no indications that it's been a fluke.

Meanwhile, Jose Reyes' .700 OPS is good for 11th in baseball among shortstops and 7th in the NL (actually ahead of the still-slumping Furcal and Rollins). It doesn't scream "demote me to work on my hitting," but nor does it mark Reyes as a rising star in David Wright's class. His slugging percentage owes a lot to his triples speed, and still doesn't cover up the smell of that sub-.300 OBP.

It would be one thing if defense were his calling card, but if it is then it's riddled with typos. Not only is he prone to errors (only Clint Barmes sports a lower fielding percentage), but despite his blazing speed and strong arm, he doesn't make very many plays. In fact, he has the lowest Range Factor of any regular SS in baseball!

Look, the guy is super-young, and will almost certainly improve at the plate and in the field, but lets stop pretending that he and David Wright are infield prospects 1A and 1B. They're Blossoming Superstar and Work in Progress.

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curlygc said...

I agree with you completely. Wright has shown amazing maturity at the plate, laying off bad pitches, working the count. And he uses the entire field when he hits too. Reyes isn't even in the same league with the bat. At least, not yet.