Thursday, May 05, 2005

Mets 3, Phillies 2

It took a lot of willpower to pass up the painfully obvious "Seo Nasty" or "Seo Long, Phillies" headlines. I try to avoid the easy gags. In any case, the Korean righty now has 18 dominant innings under his belt in the majors this year. It won't be enough for him to stick. With Benson's activation today, he's been sent back to Norfolk. "Say it Ain't Seo!"

But guess who is sticking? Everyone's favorite 23 year-old right fielder, Victor Diaz, who broke his slump with a home run last night. LHRP Royce Ring was demoted to make room for Cameron, who will once again assume the position (right field).

Whether or not you buy Harold Reynolds' ridiculous/torturous explanations for it on BBTN, Cliff Floyd has been something like a phenomenon. His numbers are as follows: .391 BA, 1.144 OPS, 16.8 VORP. Plus he made a Torii Hunter Catch in left to rob Jason Michaels of a two-run homer. It may be early for "MVP" chants, but they're well deserved at this point.

The game would have been without blemish, but for Braden Looper nearly spitting the bit. Utley and Abreu are both power hitters, so they may not have even been mistake pitches, but damn. It seems like Looper has been getting a lot more slack in the press than Benitez ever got, despite never in his life being as good as Benitez was. He does have a healthy throwing arm, which is more than the big fella in SF can say, but he's not as good as our former, supposedly unreliable closer.

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