Friday, May 13, 2005

"T. Glavine pitches to A. Pujols"

This line will appear at least once tonight on the online play-by-play, and almost certainly twice, but I'm not at all sure Glavine will survive to see him three times. It's going to be scary, an extra base hit waiting to happen, and even without Rolen in the lineup, I'm afraid the Cardinals are going to knock No. 47 out of the game.

I'd love to be proven wrong, and watch Glavine put zero after zero up on the Shea scoreboard, but when even the Brewers are touching him up to the tune of 11 hits in 6 innings, it's quite hard to imagine.

Quite a fuss is being made about whether or not Pedro will pitch against the Yankees (he will). Chris "Mad Dog" Russo had been frustrated by the early signs that he would not be taking the hill against them, complaining that it demonstrated a lack of "showmanship"on the Mets' part.

Personally, I have no particular desire to see Pedro pitch against those that, in a former life, he called his "daddy", except to the extent that it makes sense to send our best pitcher against the most daunting opposing lineups. That the Yankees have started the season so poorly does little in my mind to discredit the obvious preseason estimation of their batting order as a veritable minefield.

In any case, I don't think special alterations should be made in the interests of "showmanship," as winning the greatest number of regular season games is the best way to go about providing fans with the show we really want: a playoff run.

On an unrelated topic, I just want to give a shout-out to Buster "Old School" Olney, who was talking about Hee Seop Choi's lack of bat speed back when he was struggling in early April. How does .303/.392/.573 look, Buster? Like a guy whose slow bat makes him a liability? Go back to scouting school, or journalism school. Take your pick.


Uncle Salty said...

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Somewhere in this favored land luckier folks than I can sleep off their Friday nights, and somewhere hearts are light.
But to open to D4 of the Globe sports section this morning (no Intranet at home, and the ESPN is too bright right now) and see "Glavine silences Cardinals" atop the NL roundup was to feel, well, redeemed. Whether the Old Boy has access or not (are upload/download reversed? Are there firewalls there?), he, too, feels redeemed, perhaps for all eternity.
Floyd continues apace, while that ticking noise you hear is only his hamstring biding its time.

Anonymous said...

Now the Metropolitans have to face Wilson, Ortiz and Longfly Milton on successive nights in Flushing. They had better hope that Ryan Freel finds a gin mill, or things could get very ugly.