Monday, June 27, 2005

Sweep Squandered

Well, as hard as it was to watch Heilman, Ring, Hernandez, and Looper cough up the lead in the late innings, I found comfort in one of life's great truisms: easy come easy go.

Were it not for the comic ineptitude of the Yankee defense, there would not have been a three run lead to blow. Some "unearned" runs are the product of a questionable accounting system, but the Mets' three last night were actually undeserved.

When a second baseman boots a grounder as badly as Cano did, or when a shovel toss goes into the visiting dugout, you just thank God for small favors and hope to take advantage.

As it happened, the bullpen blew it big time.

For one thing, I hadn't realized just how outstanding Heilman's peripherals had become before they flashed his line on the screen last night. He gave up a couple base knocks, but his changeup looked legitimately nasty, even if his facial features are doughy and undefined.

I'm willing to give Royce Ring some more time before sending his free-pass-distributing ass back to Norfolk, but only because he's a youngster who may need it to calm the nerves and not because I have any doubts that said ass has been a serious liability.

And, Braden, if you had to do it over again, would you maybe throw a couple of strikes to Tino Martinez?

Oh well. Two of three at the Stadium ain't bad. The boys are off tonight before starting a home series with the Phillies, who seem to have relapsed like the patients in "Awakenings".

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