Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Git 'er done, Omar!

Cameron for Sheffield?

Do it. Do it yesterday. Do it twice.

As long as the "throw-ins" do not include the likes of Petit, Milledge or Bannister, I say do the damn thing.

It's true that Cameron's offensive numbers on the season are looking very comparable to Sheffield's, and then there's the whole elite defense thing, but bear with me.

After returning from the DL, Cameron set the world on fire in May, hitting .372/.476/.686. "Mashing," if you will. Of course that sort of hitting is grotesquely out of line with his (or most others, I suppose, but especially his) career norms, and he's given a lot of that back in June.

Sheffield is old (36), and expensive (11.5M this year), and thus is the kind of player that is usually courted by teams who haven't been struggling to stay at .500.

On the other hand, my fondness for this year's roster is well-documented, and I believe the offensive improvement of Sheffield, who is still capable of MVP-type numbers, over Cameron could put them on a pace for the division title or wild card.

Meanwhile, I don't see Cameron, 32 himself, as a cornerstone of the next great Mets team, like say a Kazmir. That he was a jerk about the move to right is neither here nor there, as far as I'm concerned (he really is better in center than C-Biscuit). It just makes him more valuable to the Yankees than to the Mets.

In short, if it's possible to get Sheffield for Cameron without tossing in any blue chip youngsters, it'd be freakin' sweet.

As for last night's game, it was a joy to listen to, right up until the moment when Danny Graves entered the game. As Gary Cohen pointed out, it's been a "free look" for the Mets, since he cleared waivers, but you can get a look at a gruesome car accident for free too. It don't make it pretty.

Zambrano, despite giving new meaning to the word "inefficient," kept the Phillies off the board, striking out seven in the process. Roy Halladay he ain't, but he's been respectable, which is better than I was prepared for.


Coop said...'re joking, right? No way in a million years will this trade go through. First of all, Sheffield is a cancer in the clubhouse. Exactly the type of personality that Minaya got rid of in the off-season. Second of all, did you hear Sheffield's rants about not showing up for any team but the Skanks? Sounds to me like a "24-an-1" guy, again, the type of personality the Wilflops have strayed away from in the past. Lastly, are you on crack?!?!?! Cameron is way cheaper, moodier and definitely a better bargaining chip for someone younger, happier to play the game, not a head case and happy to be there. AINT SHEFFIELD. (Have you gathered, I don't like the prospect?!?!)

Oh and another thing...sure Zambrano is inefficient (Al Leiter II), but he got the win and has the best ERA on the staff for the last month.

Doyle said...

Hey if there's a deal on the table for someone younger (I heard Teixeira but that sounds unimaginable from the Rangers POV), who can hit like Sheffield, I'd be all the more excited.

Problem is, very few players out there hit like Sheffield. The last guy the Mets shied away from ostensibly because they didn't want a "24 and 1" team was Alex Rodriguez, but I'm of the fringe opinion that we would be winning more games with A-Rod aboard.

If a guy's happy to play the game, I'm happy for him. But as a fan I care pretty much solely about performance, and Sheffield is a beastly hitter while Cameron is not.

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