Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Mets draft Pelfrey, sign Graves

It's official. The Mets have taken the best available college pitcher: Boras client Mike Pelfrey of Wichita State.

His line for 2005 is as follows (courtesy of BP):

1.91 ERA, 131.2 IP, 136 K, 28 BB, 3 HR

I like it, and I'm glad Omar didn't reach for Craig Hansen, who was not taken in the first round.

Baseball America's mock draft($) was eerily accurate, correctly calling the first 18 picks and a good number after that.

The supplemental round is just beginning, but the Mets are done selecting for a while, paying the proverbial piper for the Big Two free agent signings.

In less exciting news, we've also signed Danny Graves, who boasts 182 career saves despite not being an especially good pitcher. Recently, he's been downright awful, and I hope he doesn't get handed too many high-leverage innings just yet.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on signing Gravy. He is a very confused young man right now, but going to Flushing Meadows may straighten out his head, and add the missing 8-10 MPH on his heater.
Be certain to check out his tats if you have the opportunity.