Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Was that... offense?

Well that was reassuring.

Unusual suspects Mientkiewicz and Daubach each homered, the latter in a pinch-hitting capacity, and David Wright missed a third by about an inch, hitting the top of the railing in right-center.

Benson was hardly dominant, and surrendered the almost obligatory Pat Burrell moonshot, but he kept it respectable and Royce 5-9, Hernandez and Looper combined for three masterful innings.

Centerfielder and part-time whipping boy Carlos Beltran hit a single and a long double and looked, to my nonprofessional eye, to be running fast and without pain. Hopefully he'll be back to his historically good basestealing ways after the All-Star break.

During my absence, Willie Randolph went ahead and moved David Wright up to the #2 hole. To that I say Bravo, sir. Bravo. It took a little while but he's finally done right (N.P.I.) by the team's most (pending Beltran's return) productive hitter.

Zambrano gets the ball tonight against the young and wild Robinson Tejeda (nice ERA thus far, but peep these control issues). First one to the strike zone wins!

Actually, I give Vic a hard time, but he hasn't given up more than 3 runs in any of his seven starts since April 24.

No, I'm not superstitious. Why?

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Charles Joseph Whitman said...

Brian Daubach was blasting clutch pinch-hit homers when you were dating cheerleaders. You'd do well not to minimize his commitment to the Metros' offense, or to humanity at large, for that matter.

More on Dauber later.