Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Chris Burke has no sense of history

The well known fact that no Mets pitcher has thrown a no-hitter doesn't particularly bother me, and at least a few of them, like A.J. Burnett's 6 BB, 0 H effort a few years back, were not actually as impressive as Pedro's showing last night.

All the same, it would have been great to see him make that annoying bit of history go away.

Thanks to an untimely hack by their young 2B/OF, the Astros were spared being the answer to the revised trivia question.

They were embarassed nonetheless, as Pedro fanned an even dozen, gave up two hits and one walk, and never came close to giving up the small lead the offense mustered off Roy Oswalt.

Zambrano takes the hill tonight, and while we may not be similarly dazzled by his performance, it really should be enough to keep the Astros in check.

I am going to be headed up to Cape Cod tomorrow, where the Lowells speak only to Cabots, and neither of them have internet access. I'll try to post when I can.

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Ivan Partridge said...

To whom do the Cabots speak, Doyle (if that's even your real name)? Or should I ask: To Whom?

This guy, that's who, 'cause I'm a good listener and I'm non-judgmental. The Brahmins dig that.

They also dig trenchant baseball draft analysis, for which - I'm guessing from the previous post - they'll need to look elsewhere, you Boras shill. WTF? Nowhere else in Blogistan can we find such sensational, fellational Minaya-hyping AND Boras-flacking posted with such impunity. Then, in a whistling-while-the-rotator-cuff-burns aside about Pedro, you talk about the "small lead ... mustered off ... Oswalt." As if Oswalt acted alone.

Figured I'd pounce on this opportunity, while you're down the Cape (if that's where you really are) this weekend, to air a few of the grievances that've been accruing in darkest recesses of my heart, the sub-cockle region, with the likelihood that you won't remove this post for a few days -- unlike my other ones that you yank with what I view as a smug alacrity. Most bothersome is the Minaya-stroking, which I interpret as an implict rebuke of the Lou Gorman Era (, an epoch which kerneled into a vortex of the universe in the mid-1980s, when LouLouLou left the Mets to helm the Sox' operation, and then both teams met in the Series (a sort of double-dipping Lou-fest the likes of which you're not gonna see again unless Lindsay Lohan's musical career catches up to her obvious, Hepburnian acting capabilities). Of course, we all know how that particular showdown ended, not with a trickling groundball 'twixt the wickets but in a much-overlooked, rain-delayed Game 7 in which the Olde Towne Team actually held the lead before forces coalesced and conspired to help a red-headed hack named Dan "Shank" Shaughnessy sell a lot of books. In any case, not Lou's fault (although he could've sobered up McNamara long enough to tell him to put Dave Stapleton at first), so you should stop picking on him.

Also, in your response to that most recent fan letter I snail-mailed you last week, you promised more discussion of "the David Wright Factor," which I find enlightening and fascinating. What gives?

Finally, why did you take down the link to the Pat O'Brien voicemails? Are you going corporate on us? Did the "powers that be" lean on you a little bit? Did Omar complain that you're a bit coarse, a bit crass, a bit of a Bennett Brauer figure? That you don't "fit the mold"? Who got to you, lawyerboy?

I'll see you at Lowell, Doyle (if...).