Friday, September 26, 2008

Rudy Giuliani, Shadow Veep

MSNBC just announced that the post-debate spin matchup will be Joe Biden and Rudy Giuliani. It was also Rudy Giuliani on the campaign plane this morning.

Weird that he would pop up like that at the same time Sarah Palin is getting thrown to the wolves.

Anyway the debate went pretty well I thought. I'm still surprised at how much less demented John McCain seems when he's not reading a prepared speech. He's still quite spry.

Obama seemed to be on offense more often, although there were times where I wished he'd stop trying to interrupt, on the theory that whatever McCain is going to say won't be that good and it makes BO look anxious.

Also, of all McCain's many deliveries of the "criminal or paternity" bear DNA joke, this one was far and away the angriest. People were too scared to laugh.

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