Saturday, September 06, 2008


So the conventional wisdom on the VP debate is pretty well congealed: "Joe Biden is in big trouble because if he's too combative he'll look like he's picking on the poor little lady."

Serious people really come out and say this on television. It's annoying enough but today I heard someone mention that Biden also has to avoid going too easy on her, because that will be seen as condescending towards women. Obviously, the commentators who keep talking about how Biden has to play nice don't have to worry about that.

So while Joe Biden is "boxed in" and has to "navigate between the Scylla of belligerence and Charybdis of condescension" (okay that's not really a quote), no one seems to be mentioning that when Sarah Palin was asked about the Iraq War in March 2007, she said she hadn't really been following it that closely.

Word is Joe Lieberman has been brought in to coach her on the finer points of accusing Democrats of treason.

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