Monday, July 18, 2005

Two out of four ain't bad... wait

It's two out of three that's not bad. Two out of four is pretty marginal, especially at home. On aggregate, we creamed the Braves 15-9, but this is not the Champions League, so 2-2 it is.

It's a little bit disappointing after the huge, seemingly inspirational 6-3 win in Friday's opener, but what else could we expect from this Mets team that's treating the .500 mark like a safe haven from which it dare not stray too far?

On the bright side, Sunday's game was pretty sweet. Pedro showed no signs of mortality, fanning five and walking zero in his six innings. He was so economical (61 pitches), in fact, that Tom et al in the WPIX booth were downright alarmed that Willie pulled him when he did. They were thinking there'd be no reason other than injury to take him out of a six run game.

I like the move. A lot. Our de facto Franchise Player on pace for 235 innings pitched, which is kind of a lot for a guy with his history of shoulder problems. As Willie said, "anytime I can take Pedro out leading 6-0, I'll do it and that's what I did." Hear, hear.

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Anonymous said...

When one considers the 2005 Mets, one has to decide that two out of four is exactly what is to be expected- a win from Pedro, and then one out of three. The series is a microcosm of what the team has been, and what the team will continue to be.

And speaking of teams from NYC, how do you think the Chokees will fare against the Angels on the last weekend of July? Any chance that you will be taking in the tilt on Sunday?