Thursday, July 14, 2005

Big Ups to the Brew Crew

I'd like to thank the Milwaukee Brewers for doing the impossible: beating the f'ing ex-Expos this afternoon. It wasn't easy, as John Patterson was incredibly good (box score), but by God they pulled it out at the end.

The Mets thereby move to within 7.5 games of their truly baffling lead. I wrote some pretty unflattering stuff about the Nats ("chew toy" etc.) which looks pretty stupid at the moment. I don't care. I stand by it. They suck, and soon enough will start losing games accordingly.

Anyway back to the Metropolitans... I'm probably not the only one thinking this, but tonight's game seems like a biggie. Sadly, Jose Reyes will probably still be leading off. What happened with the lineup demotion, btw? Trial over? OBP issues corrected? He's a leadoff hitter again? WTF?

Against the Bravos, I'd like the Mets to take, oh I don't know, three out of four, maybe? It seems like a lot to ask, but it's a home series and the only alternative is an unsatisfying split. No, I'm not even entertaining thoughts of an ATL series win.

I'm talking about a little momentum, a little positive movement away from the .500 mark, and maybe some added confidence to start the post-ASB portion of the 2005 season. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Kris Benson gets the start tonight against Horacio Ramirez, who is having a terrible year but used to just shackle the Mets offense (insert joke about the difficulty of doing so here).


OF prospect Lastings Milledge is on his way to Double-A Binghamton... and there was much rejoicing.

Now for the bad news: Doug Mienkiewicz is almost done w/ rehab.

Maybe we should trade for Mark Prior*. He's awesome.

* Disclaimer: I'm kidding, and know this isn't possible.

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