Friday, July 29, 2005

I do not accept being beaten by Brad Ausmus

Seriously. Mets fans can stomach an awful lot, but one thing they can't stomach is the sight of a relief pitcher giving up a game-winning double to that guy.

I've been calling for patience on the C. Beltran issue but I'm starting to lose it with him. Some O-fers are harder to take than others, and on a night when Miguel Cairo and Cameron are the only ones pulling any weight for Pedro, this was an especially poor night for him to disappear.

I know he was getting booed mercilessly on the field as well as at the plate (as if he was a lifelong Astro and not an obvious rental from the outset). If that was a source of discomfort or embarassment for him, I don't care. He was facing a rookie pitcher in a hitter's park. Offense must ensue.

Reader Coop had a good comment on Tuesday's post. I replied in that space and I'll add to that the following: if we end up packaging one or more of the "Big Four" prospects (Milledge, Petit, Bannister, Hernandez) in a deal to acquire, jointly or severally, Daryle Ward and Jose Mesa, I will be far, far more pissed than I would be at a comparable deal for Soriano.

In any case it sounds like Soriano-to-Cubs is now at least as likely as Soriano-to-Mets.

The Post reports that discussions have taken place with the Red Sox regarding Manny Ramirez, but that such a deal is unlikely. It also points out what most of us have probably figured out by now: Mike Cameron can be had.


I couldn't help but notice that our starting 1B last night was Marlon Anderson. I'm sorry but that just can't happen. This may not be the time to sell the farm for a better shot at the playoffs, but nor is it the time to tolerate this complete absence of a major league first baseman on our roster. I hasten to point out that I was not late to, but rather an organizer of, the "Doug Mientkiewicz Sucks" party.


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