Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Doesn't look good

Tim Geithner
Position: Treasury Secretary
Unpaid tax liability: $48,000
Nomimation status: Confirmed

Tom Daschle
Position: Secretary of Health & Human Services
Unpaid tax liability: $140,000
Nomination status: Very likely to be confirmed. Still supported by Obama.

Nancy Killefer
Position: Chief Performance Officer
Unpaid tax liability: $948.69
Nomination status: Derailed

Accountability is for women and non-cabinet appointments, apparently.

Late Update: Nevermind! Daschle took himself out, which may be bad for the cause of health care reform but will certainly mean we won't have to see as much of those stupid red glasses.

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WeeTomDaschle said...

Don't look back in anger. And take a report.