Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Robotic what? headline:

08:32 - IRobot says that Congress has allocated $2 mln for it to develop its next-generation robotic platform warrior 700
Co announces that Congress appropriated $2 million to further develop the company's Warrior 700. "This funding will allow iRobot to expand its product line, which continues to evolve as the need for unmanned ground vehicles grows worldwide."

I'm somewhat comforted by the fact that the award is only $2 million. This is the company whose sole commercial product, I believe, is the Roomba automatic vacuum cleaner, and it's more than $2 million of R&D from there to the Terminator. Unsettling nonetheless.

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reader_iam said...

The company also makes the Scooba, a robotic floor washer, and we love both the products (our dogs, on the other hands, find them creepy).

But yeah, I'd like to know that allocation is about, too.