Monday, November 03, 2008

Leveraged long

On the presidential race I'm staking out the relative high end of the prediction spectrum:

On the close Senate pickups I think I'm on the more pessimistic side, except for Franken (who doesn't seem like a lock by any means). Good guys first:

CO - Udall beats Schaffer*
NH - Shaheen beats Sununu
MN - Franken beats Coleman
OR - Merkley beats Smith
NC - Hagan loses to Dole
GA - Martin loses to Chambliss
KY - Lunsford loses to McConnell

* This race hasn't been close for a while but it bears mentioning because Schaffer, from what I've seen from their Meet the Press debate and certain Youtubes, is almost comically unappealing.

h/t to Ross Douthat for the embeddable prediction map.


pete526991 said...

I am so glad you were wrong on Indiana.We are still celebrating the Obama victory here,first time since 1964.

Doyle said...

Yeah nice work. I was glad I got Indiana wrong too.

Now if you could just find a primary challenger for Evan Bayh...