Sunday, November 16, 2008

Boldly shrill or Unreadably awful?

I've tried following Corrente semi-regularly recently and I've now reached the conclusion that it's the most bloodcurdlingly awful liberal blog out there. Go ahead. Try a few posts. I dare you.


reader_iam said...

I, for one, would be interested in a a flat-out fisk on your part. This would be illuminating.

Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy said...

If by awful, you mean:

* Railing against the toxic post-partisanship meme and against truthiness in all its forms
* Rallying action in support of true Universal Healthcare
* Encouraging DIY culture (knitting, gardening, etc.)

Yes, we're one of the worst.

Doyle said...

Yeah, it’s the “DIY culture” that’s so obnoxious. Not the Naderite harping about how Obama is really a stealth Republican, and all his naive supporters are blind to the grim reality that only raging PUMAs like you guys and Larry Johnson can see.

Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy said...

Raging PUMA, um no. Larry Johnson fan, um no.

I can only assume that you are not naive, but that you are perfectly happy for Obama's election not to signal a repudiation of today's corrupt, ruthless, valueless, authoritarian Republican Party.

Doyle said...

Raging PUMA, um no.

From your supposedly exculpatory post ("In which I officially declare that I am not a PUMA"):

That Obama has boundlessly dissipated my boundless energy for voting Democratic as an answer to McCain is a remarkable achievement — change I can't fucking believe.

Jeez, if this is how you dispel accusations of PUMAhood, I'd hate to see the posts that invited them.

I can only assume that you are not naive, but that you are perfectly happy for Obama's election not to signal a repudiation of today's corrupt, ruthless, valueless, authoritarian Republican Party.

You’re welcome to assume that, but it wouldn’t be true. Look I’ve actually been pretty circumspect about Obama myself. But everythings a huge fucking betrayal with you guys, and there seem to have been dozens of them already even though he was just elected two weeks ago and won’t take office for two more months. And it’s not just principled stuff like how his transition advisor on intelligence supposedly isn’t pure enough on torture. It’s snarky jokes about how the media likes Obama too much. I mean for most people who count themselves as an Obama “supporters,” favorable press coverage is a “good” thing, and that’s granting the questionable premise that his coverage is that great (he really is an extremely popular, successful politician, so it’s not media bias to reflect that fact).

So keep keeping him honest, but a lot of people who support him (and Edwards was actually my initial first choice) don’t like being constantly attacked by their notional allies as being dupes or accused of harboring right-wing sympathies. So fuck you guys until that stops.

Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy said...

I have written a zillion caveats to give air cover to people who made an informed, rational decision to support Obama and who did it in an unbullying manner that allowed for criticism where it was due.

If that sounds like you, I've never intended a put-down in your direction. But thank you for your kind words.

Doyle said...

My pleasure, and thanks for the link. You're a good sport.

Anonymous said...

It’s snarky jokes about how the media likes Obama too much.

8 fucking years of Bush, plus the election of 2000, and you still haven't learned that anything the media likes is Bad Bad Baddie Bad Bad, then yeah, I'll call you naive.


lambert strether said...

As FDR more or less said: We welcome your hatred. Thanks for the link!

Doyle said...

Oh did FDR run an insufferably purer-than-thou blog, too?

Anonymous said...

Corrente isn't a PUMA blog.

They're a lot of other things, but not that. They never were, for that matter.

Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy said...

So, it's better to be sufferably impure?

BTW, I am by history a huge scold against Nader voters. Obama's campaign had to do a lot to tempt my ballot finger to wander.

At the end of the day, his calculus was correct, that progressives like me had nowhere to go. Sad that.

HillaryEndlessAlwaysLasting! said...

"Corrente isn't a PUMA blog."

Corrente is one of the premier PUMA blogs! Always speaking the truth about goddess Hillary and the chocolate MESSiah. God bless vast left and lamburt for their devotion to all things NOBAMA! We are blessed with their strong femininist spirit and PUMAgressive ideals.

Palin 20012!

HillaryEndlessAlwaysLasting! said...

Caro is back! A proud PUMA returns to Corrente after a healing hibernation! Boldly SH-ROAR!

Anonymous said...

As a co-founder of the raging PUMAs, I wish to disavow any membership by Correntewire.
Frankly, we don't associate with their type (publicly).
Our honor has been besmirched. I demand satisfaction!

Doyle said...

Wow you really are a PUMA. I admit it's kind of a weird honor to have someone who calls Obama "the Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers" in my very own comments section.

You also have Corrente in your blogroll, which is a pretty public association. Is their problem that they're too soft on Obama? Too enabling of the patriarchy? Stay awhile. I'll put on some tea.

lambert strether said...

Doyle writes:

Yeah, it's the DIY culture that's so obnoxious.

Why does Doyle hate gardeners, winemakers, and knitters?

HillaryEndlessAlwaysLasting! said...

Riverdaughter?! This is too much to contain ... EXUBERANCE fueled by many roars. You complete me with your wisdom, PUMA PRIESTESS.

Palin/Riverdaughter 2012!!!

O'Doyle Rules! said...

Is it not enough, anymore, to have voted for Obama? You do know many folks over at Corrente voted for Obama, right?

As I'm sure you know the words by heart, please, teach us the words to the President's Prayer so that we may be healed and welcomed back into the fold. We'd love nothing more than to be forgiven.

And, after the ritual, perhaps we could all go out for waffles, and call it a day...

Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy said...

Just trying to keep this straight.

Is Corrente evil for palling around with PUMAs or are PUMAs evil for blogrolling Corrente?

And is one supposed to graciously accept being nominated as a NOBAMAite, even if one voted for Obama? A No Quarterite if one is skeptical and critical of that blog?

Our bright, new progressive world is so confusing!

dmd76 said...

My vote's for "Unreadably awful". Why, you ask?
1. Obama's campaign and the Nazis: "an appropriate historical parallel" too idiotic not to draw!
2. Leave Larry Johnson alone!
3. Google search hit counts as proof of whatever damn fool thing vastleft wants to prove. Check it out, lambert's almost 6 times more likely to be a hack than Obama's presidency is to be historic.
4. Nader, who vastleft sometimes scolded, but now thinks is kind of cool.

Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy said...

dmd76, what took you so long?

I thought I was going to have to ask Santa for a new troll!

geekesque said...

Does Vastleft still think Nader wants her vote after he called Obama an "Uncle Tom?" I guess so, because she was thinking about supporting him after he race-baited Obama before.

Of course, when you had folks repeating McCain talking points regarding a 'pig' comment despite the fact that they themselves referred to Obama as a pig and continually whining about childish, trivial bullshit.

The real problem for these foaming-at-the-mouth Obama-haters--whether they're racist refuseniks like the PUMA's or "we may hate the Republicans more, but we'll never stop hating Obama" people like VastWhine or Lambert is that they are completely and utterly irrelevant--they aspire to be nuisances. They did everything humanly possible to stop Obama, and he still won and received more popular votes than anyone in American history.

And, yes, VastWhine, the fact that an African-American received the most votes in U.S. history while being elected President of a country founded on slavery is 'historic.' Your problem is that this reality hurts your already bruised feelings.

So, the bottom line is, no one places any credence in your critiques of Obama, because the assumption is that you're looking for excuses to bitch about him. Just like everyone assumes the same about Redstate, The Corner, and the Freepers.

geekesque said...

Oh, and the Freepers totally ripped lambert off in Godwinizing Obama.

Either that, or Lambert is really George Republican Congressman Paul Broun.

lambert strether said...

geekesque opines:

He still won and received more popular votes than anyone in American history.

And so? I mean, it's pretty easy to collect more votes than, say, George Washington, eh?

dmd76 said...

A haiku for corrente

Bitter, sad PUMAs:
In spring, your candidate lost.
Please, get over it!

O'Doyle Rules! said...

Really, how does it feel being screwed by the president-elect on almost nearly a daily basis, now?

How does it feel that "change" includes Eric Holder, Rahm Emanuel, John Podesta, and possible Hillary Clinton, Bill Richardson, or John Kerry as cabinet positions?

Really, Corrente should be the very least of your worries. What you would be better off doing is keeping an eye on the guy that's violating you, his faithful base, day after day.

Your savior isn't quite who you dreamed him to be, is he? Poor things.

Really, you all couldn't have picked a more appropriate name for this blog. Straight flushing, indeed. Looks like you're going to need a plumber to unclog all of the shit...