Friday, October 10, 2008

Bill Ayers for Secretary of Education


reader_iam said...

"Bill Ayers for Secretary of Education"

Please, God, no. I can live with Obama (not thrilled with any of the candidates, but don't have a throbbing hate for any of 'em, either), but please please please please please spare me an Ayers--and specifically Ayers--as SecEd.

(And, no, not because of his Weatherman/Weather Underground past.)

reader_iam said...

OT: Am I the only person who ever comments here? I usually read you in feed, so maybe it's just the posts that spur me to come over and comment ... .

Just curious.

Doyle said...

I'm just kidding about Ayers, except that it's true that I would like the organizing principle of Obama's first term to be doing whatever is most likely to make the wingnuts' heads explode.

And you're not the only commenter, but you're close. I appreciate it :)