Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Time to wash the road unis

They've got blood all over them. Nine singles, four doubles, a triple and a home run. 14-1. Mercy is for the weak.

David Wright in particular really filled out the stat sheet, reaching base and scoring in all four plate appearances, doubling twice, stealing a base, and driving in two. Ramon Castro drove in 5, Mike Jacobs homered for the second time in his 8 career ABs, and Victor Zambrano held the Snakes to a single run of their own. Oh, and Heath Bell fanned two in a perfect ninth inning.

Not a lot to complain about. Meanwhile, everyone else in the Division/Wild Card race, with the exception of the Phillies, took a L last night. So the Mets move within two two of the lead, tied with the Nats and trailing the Phils, Astros, and Marlins.

Tom Glavine turned in a positively spectacular outing on Monday, and the offense was, as Teddy KGB might say, "akyay." Floyd drove in two, while Reyes(!) and Diaz contributed 1-run home runs.

The "Steve Trachsel Question," which had been so bedeviling Willie and the chattering classes, was resolved in what I believe to be the best way possible: Danny Graves was unceremoniously DFA'd... and there was much rejoicing.

The roster is still not without a weak spot or two, as Kaz Matsui has retaken a regular role, but whose isn't, may I ask?

Tonight will be the fourth new installment of the Jae Seo Show. Each one thus far has made the early-season cancellation ("we like the cut of Ishii's jib") look dumber and dumber. He's been absolutely awesome, there's just no getting around it. All we can do is hope this increasingly significant run signals a new level of performance for him and not just a series of astonishing blips on the screen.

He's bound to give some of that 1.09 ERA back, but just how much?

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