Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Jae Seo Crazy

I know Saturday was a long time ago now, but I haven't yet had the chance to applaud Jae Seo's dominant return to the rotation.

It's the kind of thing that makes me happy, especially when I stick my neck out like Lefty Ruggiero for this guy in the comments section, where certain skeptics thought I was being foolish or naive for anticipating marked improvement from Ishii's production.

I wanted to pull Jae aside and tell him (through Edgar Lee, the team's in-house Korean interpreter) that he's my guy now, and that means no one can touch him. And on Saturday, against Mets-owner Greg Maddux, the Cubs rarely did.

Come Sunday, the baseball world turned its attention to a matchup so historic, so statistically improbable, that only the stage of ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball could accomodate its grandeur. I refer, of course, to Zambrano v. Zambrano.

No, that's not a typo. Those were the last names of the two starting pitchers, and they're both the same... I know it freaked me out too.

All kidding aside, Victor added to the night's already dangerous "whodathunkit" quotient by thoroughly outpitching Carlos, the better and more famous Zambrano who left the game with a groin injury.

The Mets ended up winning the game by a score of 6-1, which was really ideal for me because I was/am participating in a little 2-week sportsbetting hedge fund with my uncles that included a straight wager on the Under 7.5, which was in constant peril but held up in the end.

Tonight the Mets begin their three-game series at San Diego, sitting 6.5 games out of the division lead and 3 games behind Houston in the wild card. For all the talk of the Mets' home-road splits, there's not much being made of their increasingly impressive run differential, which stands at +46 and produces an Expected W-L record of 61-50. In other words, they're playing like the 4th best team in the league.


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