Monday, April 24, 2006

The pure play on Victor Zambrano anger

I read the email. I know what you're thinking: "Sure, Doyle, you think the Zambrano trade was a nightmare from which the Mets refuse to wake up, but occasionally you veer off-topic. Sometimes you complain about Zambrano problem from the Aaron Heilman standpoint. Sometimes you tackle different problems entirely, like Jose Reyes as a leadoff hitter (except for when he gets off to a hot start, I notice), or Jorge Julio as any sort of major league pitcher. Why can't you stay on point?"

Dear readers, I have your complete solution. I just received an email from a Michael Baldwin who has started a blog dedicated entirely to Victor Zambrano. It's written in the first person (from Zambrano's perspective), and the first few posts are pretty funny.

The Keith Hernandez story is achieving critical mass, as defined as making an appearance on ESPN's "Bottom Line" ticker. I think Sandy Alderson's letter was on the money, but Calabrese's assessment that Hernandez "discredited [her] as a person" is a little much. Keith clearly wasn't talking about her as a person, but as a woman (as in "women don't belong in the dugout"). Expressing disapproval of her presence may make him a buffoon, but it wasn't anything personal. Anyway as I said I'm disabused of any great affection for Hernandez, but I'm satisfied that the public response was equal to the offensiveness of the remarks.

Game 1 in San Francisco is underway. Tom Glavine is on the hill against young Matt Cain.

I was very flattered to receive a promotional copy of a book called "The Last Nine Innings," by Charles Euchner. It's about Game 7 of the 2001 World Series between the Yankees and the Diamondbacks (or the Luis Gonzalez single up the middle game), but also uses the game to talk about topics such as offseason training, Jeter's defense, managerial strategy, etc.. I'll write more about it when I finish it, but I can say that it is worth looking into, which you can do here.

Moises Alou just took Glavine deep. Mets trail 3-0. Bummer.

Correction: I initially wrote that the S.F. starter tonight was Jason Schmidt. My mistake. Matt Cain is a big boy.

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Nice post, think Zambrano should go and pitch to Barry bonds please