Thursday, April 20, 2006

Mets losing 2-1

Kaz Matsui has an inside-the-park home run. I think it might have been a home run in a smaller park, but it looked like Brian Giles probably should have made the play. Props to Cohen for pointing out before the at-bat that Kaz had a history of homering in his first appearance of the season.

Trachsel is looking decent. He does take an ungodly amount of time between pitches, but they're not hitting him hard.

David Wright had a very good at-bat against Peavy. Worked a full count, fouled at least one off, and then got a two-seamer on the outside part of the plate and croaked it into right field.

This is a little off-topic: There's a particular McDonald's ad in which two black males get excited beyond all reason about the prospect of free menu items that I find incredibly irritating and offensive. It also has a volume setting several notches louder than the broadcast itself. Really pulling for that one to get replaced.

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KPD said...

Me too (re that grating McDonald's commercial). I've been waiting for someone to complain.