Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Clinton wins NH

Oh man. Catastrophe. Utter catastrophe.

Edwards was my first choice but it's over. He needs to endorse Obama. In his concession speech (which was nearly identical to the one he gave in Iowa) said he would stay in the race because too many people haven't had their votes counted... Sure, but hundreds of thousands of people have had their votes counted and it doesn't look like Edwards is going to win the nomination. Frankly he's also starting to disappoint me with this Poor Natalie Whatever-her-name-is schtick. I know it's merely an exaggerated form of his stump speech, but in a concession speech it repeatedly associates him with pathetic victim figures.

Also, is it the best idea to have one of the male actors on "Desperate Housewives" standing behind him? (Note: I only know this because it was pointed out to me.) If I were a right wing pundit I would definitely be coming up with witty jokes like: There are two desperate housewives on that stage! I bet there's something to that effect over on the Corner right now, but I won't give them the traffic.

Just overheard in Hillary's acceptance speech: "I want you to come join us at HillaryClinton.com!" It is to be an internet phenomenon. Look for a dyed-blond Bill under a white sheet screaming Leave Hillary Alone!

This is just utterly effing depressing.

Do you hear that, Mr. Anderson?


Matt Yglesias passes along one theory: Hillary was disadvantaged in the Iowa caucuses because married women caucus with their husbands, not wanting to have to sit by themselves for hours. Sounds plausible enough to me.

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