Sunday, July 02, 2006

Good Night, and Good Luck

I'm hanging it up for a while. Over the last few months, I've become increasingly "distracted" shall we say by the political state of affairs in our country. Hamdan decision notwithstanding, it's a catastrophe, and it's taking up more mindshare these days than even my beloved Mets.

As well as the Mets are playing, at this point virtually guaranteed of a playoff berth, it seems like an odd time to jump off the bandwagon. I'm not off the bandwagon, I just need to take a back seat for a little while.

I had toyed with the idea of writing a lengthy diatribe in this farewell post, but that's not what anyone comes here for. Suffice it to say that at this point I feel debating the managerial decisions of Minaya and Randolph is fiddling while Rome burns. Plus, they seem to have done a much better job than I gave them credit for.

Thanks for reading. Lets go Mets!


KPD said...

So now you'll do a political blog? Please?

Anonymous said...

I am SICK of Willie's ineptness with handling our Mets pitching staff. This is almost 1 1/2 years into this experiment of having an AL Yankee run our team, and if not for the abundance of talent, it would be failing. When the team is hitting and pitching well, no one realizes just how horrible Willie is doing handling tough situations. He has come a long way since blowing a double switch in his first game, but he needs to learn a lot yet about National league essences when it comes to decision making.
What he did with Soler the other night was as bad as I have seen (he did it in Soler's precvious start as well).
Last night, Mayne pitches great, but willie apparently wanted to see if he could throw 140 pitches before he got someone up in the pen. Does Peterson have no say in that dugout???
FIX IT!!!!!

curlygc said...

Hey man, as a fellow blogger, I've gotta tell you - blogging about the Mets is the only thing keeping me sane in this f-ed up world. Especially now. Let's Go Mets indeed!

Tim said...

My name (Tim Grassey) came up in a response to one of your blogs from July 2005:
I was wondering if you had any idea who this person was that knew my name and how they knew that I stuffed the 1999 All Star Game Ballot boxes.